Impotency in men, also known as Erectile Dysfunction or ED is an acute disorder faced by numerous men in today’s world. It suggests that a man cannot get or maintain an appropriate erection. There are varying causes, the most ordinary one being owing to the tapering of arteries which essentially take blood to the penis which is the men’s reproductive organ. Levitra works by thwarting the deed of a chemical in the body, called phosphodiesterase. This allows widening and relaxing of the blood vessels, thereby improving the blood flow to the penis followed with sexual stimulus. This enables the maintenance and longevity of the erection.

Levitra is available on prescription; however it is only prescribed for men with erectile dysfunction consequential from definite medical conditions. In case one is given a private prescription, he will be asked to disburse the entirety of the cost of the Levitra tablets.

Why Levitra?

Levitra is the best medication to go about preventing and feeling the absence of impotency from a man’s shoulders. He can enjoy his sex life to the fullest without any kind of complications barring the few side effects that can be caused owing to the consumption of Generic Levitra tablets. However, it is essential on the victim’s part to consult and prescribe a doctor prior to consuming these tablets. Levitra does not heal HIV nor is it an assurance for nil chances of one getting prone to sexually transmitted diseases. The tablets will give you relief more than any other Viagra treatment and you are sure to obtain immense benefits and positive consequences.

Things to know before and during treatment

There are high possibilities of your blood pressure falling to a level which is unsafe to a great extent, so before taking them consult a private physician. Also, one must prevent taking these in case he takes nitrate medicines on a regular basis or medicines which cure heart, pulmonary and artery hypertensions. Make sure you avert consumption of Levitra if you have already been consulted by a doctor to not have any form of sexual activity owing to health disorders. Also, make sure you do not take Levitra tablets if you are a victim of abnormal heartbeat and under the medication of sotalol, procainamide etc.

How to go about with the treatment?

The beginning dose for the starters is generally 10 mg. Tablets of the prescribed dose ought to be taken only once a day and there should be a minimum gap of 24 hours between two doses. Patients suffering from heart, liver or kidney issues must avoid medication of Levitra. In fact, pursuing with this treatment alongside when you are medicated for other health problems as well can have horrendous consequences. Uncommonly, Levitra may cause an erection which will last for four hours or so. Common side-effects are indigestion and aching stomach, dizziness or giddiness and running nose.

Levitra treatment will never disappoint you; one has to endure the slight complications or side-effects though.