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Antabuse is an widely praised medication that helps patients give up drinking. Disulfiram, an active component of the drug, blocks an enzyme that participates in the process of metabolizing alcohol after consumption. Regular Antabuse use can help patients with chronic alcoholism, since drinking alcohol while on the treatment causes numerous unpleasant side effects.

Availability: 26 packsActive Ingredient: Disulfiram

Analogs of Antabuse: Alcophobin, Anticol, Aversan, Diabuse, Disulfiramo, Disulfiramum, Disulphiram, Esperal, Etabus, Etiltox, Refusal, Tenutex

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Antabuse is an anti-alcohol drug that was discovered in 1920 and still being used today for treating chronic alcoholism.  Antabuse (Disulfiram) prevents or slows down the conversion of alcohol into acetaldehyde, and then prevents it from being broken down by aldehyde dehydrogenase. At this point, the Disulfiram prevents the conversion of alcohol into dehydrogenase enzyme, which causes the build up of acetaldehyde in the body, resulting in unpleasant effects. The effect is similar to that of a hangover and happens instantly after alcohol is consumed.

Antabuse should always be administered in conjunction with psychological therapy or counseling from professionals.  It should also be noted here that Disulfiram is not a curative drug for chronic alcoholism.

Since1951, Disulfiram, the generic name of Antabuse, was used in helping alcoholic individuals to stop drinking with high a high rate of success. Today, it is also being used to help individuals with drug dependencies and people who are trying to quit smoking.

How Does it Work?

Taking Antabuse will make a the person sick to their stomach if they drink any alcoholic beverage. A person will be much more likely to stop drinking because doing so will cause them to feel sick.

It is important to know if you have recently taken paraldehyde or metronidazole, you should not take Antabuse.  Also, those who have consumed foods that contain high levels of alcohol should not take Antabuse or they will experience unpleasant side effects.

How is Antabuse Administered?

Before taking Antabuse (Disulfiram) you should consult a medical professional and follow exactly as directed while also carefully reading the directions found on the prescription label. The doctor may, from time to time, change the dosage to provide you with the best results. Never take more or less than the recommended dosage and do not take for longer than prescribed.

It should be remembered that Antabuse is not meant to cure chronic alcoholism, rather it is used to supress the cravings for alcohol. A person who is under alcohol habilitation should also be put under the care of psychological therapy or counseling.  Likewise, the support of the patient’s immediate family members is necessary in order to attain the best results in a shorter period of time.

Other Important Things to Considered While Taking Antabuse.

  • Frequent blood testing to check liver function.
  • Carrying an identification card or medical alert tag that states the holder is taking Antabuse (Disulfiram). In case of an emergency, a medical care professional should know that the person is using Antabuse and will be guided accordingly.
  • It is recommended that this drug be administered to the patient by an immediate member of his or her family.
  • The drug should be stored at room temperature. Also, it should be stored away from heat, direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Never drink alcohol up to 2 weeks after you stop taking Antabuse.

Things to Consider Before Taking This Medicine

Antabuse has a lot of side effects when used with other drugs or chemicals that may result to lethal poisoning, fatal health problems or allergic reactions.

You should inform your doctor of your medical history and current medical conditions, as follows:

  • Kidney or liver ailment
  • Suffering from high blood pressure or have heart problems
  • Underactive thyroid
  • Diabetic or have a high blood sugar level
  • Having seizures or epilepsy
  • Have a head injury, brain damage or a mental illness
  • Has an allergy to rubber or have taken anti-tuberculosis drugs, phenytoin (Dilantin) or blood thinner drugs such as warfarin, Jantoven and Counadin
  • If the patient is pregnant or planning to become pregnant

Make sure to be on the look out for warning signs that may lead to serious health problems. If you notice or experience the darkening of urine, your eyes and skin are turning yellowish, have severe pain in your abdomen or have persistent nausea or vomiting, you should inform your doctor immediately.

The efficiency of Antabuse has been proven over time, however, it is the self determination of the patient that counts the most. Proper counseling and the support of immediate family member is a necessity.

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