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Facts about Clomid

Desiring pregnancy yet suffering from ovulatory dysfunction? Although an uncommon condition in women, it’s often a bother dilemma. Clomid is a drug that counters ovulatory dysfunction, thus apt treatment scheme. According to Clomid therapy, patients likely to benefit from clomiphene therapy ought to poses ovarian syndromes; polycystic, post oral contraceptive amenorrhea, psychogenic amenorrhea and secondary secondary amenorrhea. See WARNINGS!

Uin this case doctors need timing the coitus properly, particularly during ovulation. Doctors use relevant related tests and basal body temperature to determine if ovulation occurred in the female. Once established (ovulation occurrence) Clomid courses are initiated in the 5th day after ovulation. After 6 cycles the therapy is abandoned. Review PRECAUTIONS!

This treatment is recommended to few patients demonstrating ovulatory dysfunction and who meet the subsequent conditions:

  • It is apt for pregnant patients.
  • Females lacking ovarian cyst – do not use Clomid treating patients with enlarged ovarian unless suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. NB: pelvic assessment is crucial before the first and subsequent course Clomid treatment thereafter.
  • Patients free from vaginal bleeding explained as abnormal. If dealing with abnormal bleeding vagina, assess for neoplastic lesion prior to treatment procedure.
  • The patient should be free from liver diseases and complications.

Additionally, patients expecting Clomid therapy necessitate evolution in regards to subsequent concerns:

  • Estrogen level concern – doctor should evaluate the patient for adequate level of estrogen hormone. Various tests are put into action to affirm this – using endometrial biopsy, vaginal smears and examining urinary estrogen. If suffering from abridged estrogen levels, the patient does not qualify for successful Clomid therapy.
  • Ovarian failure concern – are you having primary pituitary failure? There is no specific substitute treatment in case of ovulatory failure.
  • Endometrial carcinoma concern – also known as endometriosis, increases with age owing to coupled ovulatory disorders in females. Therefore, before executing Clomid therapy, endometrial biopsy becomes the first step.
  • Suffering from thyroid disorders? This is an immediate barrier to pregnancy. Additionally, adrenal disorders, male infertility factor and hyperprolactinemia are other impediments.
  • If suffering from uterine fibroids, caution is a necessity when using Clomid therapy. This is because the patients can suffer from enlarged fibroids.

Male fertility – there are no unlimited scientific proof which demonstrate that Clomid therapy is equally effective to men as in women. If fact, according to recent research studies, men using these treatment scheme increases chances of suffering from gynecomastia and testicular tumors. However, the cause and effect correlation amid reports testicular tumors and using Clomid are not known. Nonetheless, medical literature has evaluated diverse methods, but, universally, there is no custom treatment for combined therapy, for instance, combining Clomid with ovulation inducing medicines. Likewise, there is limited Clomid ovulation induction regimen in fertilization treatment programs that sources healthy ova ready for fertilization, as such; Clomid is not recommended for such purposes.

Things to Consider

Clomid treatment therapy ought to be supervised by expert medical practitioners. The physicians necessitate endocrine and gynecology disorders competency. Regardless, patients can only select Clomid treatment therapy after cautious diagnosis by expert health care providers. The patients are given treatment outline prior to implanting and achieving the goals of the therapy. In case of potential risks, the objectives should be balanced, discussed and signed by the patients and other witnesses involved.

As mentioned earlier, ovulation occurs 5 days after course Clomid therapy, however, can exceed to 10 days. Nonetheless, coitus is timed by the practitioner to coincide with ovulation. At this stage, appropriate tests are executed to affirm the occurrence of ovulation.

Dealing with Dosage

What is the recommended dosage? Depending on the patient and doctors evaluation, usually, the treatment begins with low doses, perhaps 50 mg daily for 5 days. Hereafter, the dosage is increased slowly while the doctor analyses the patients. If the patient is sensitive to specific condition (polycystic ovary syndrome), the doctors begins the treatment at very low doses. Also, patients are evaluated through ought the treatment cycle stages.

There are plenty offerings that treats ovaulatory dysfunction using Clomid therapy, but are they all effective? Be wary of the doctors you employ to execute the tasks. When ovulation fails to occur during the first course Clomid therapy the doctor can advice of increased dosage to 100 mg in the subsequent treatment. However, the treatment is initiated 30 days after the earlier treatment plan. Increased dosage is advisable.

NB: long term Clomid therapy is not recommended for patients with ovulatory dysfunction. The drug is supplied as 50mg in cartons of 30. Usually, they are white in color and occupy a round shape. Store the drug in room temperature (15-30°C) away from light and heat exposures, excessive humidity condition and closed containers. Additionally, keep away from children’s reach. Seek further clarification from your health care provider in case uncertain about specific treatment or evaluation scheme.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Cialis Super Active

What is Cialis Super Active?

This is a drug that contains an active yet improved form of Tadalafil ingredient in its composition formula. Therefore, the effect of the drug is faster and lasts longer compared to the earlier version, Cialis. Cialis Super Active is a renowned gel capsule used in erectile dysfunction treatments. The drug augments blood flow to penis, but during stimulation, hence helps users to achieve and maintain erection during sexual intercourse.

Are you having issues with your sexual life? Well, don’t fret, just yet. Boost your sexual confidence and libido with Cialis Super Active. It’s proven that the drugs not only improves but prolongs erection and ejaculation, thus sexual impulsiveness and satisfaction.

The drug was patented by Eli Lily Company in 1998, originally as Cialis. However, it’s until 2002 that FDA (US Food & Drug Association) authorized use of the drug. Thereafter, the medication became an instant success owing to its generic form which was less expensive compared to existing erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs, then. Different versions of Cialis have been developed thereafter increasing their popularity amid men suffering from ED.

What are the Benefits of Cialis Super Active?

There are plenty benefits coupled with this medication. Users immediately boost their sexual activity and libido, and affirm prolonged erection and ejaculation. Nonetheless, the drug requires sexual stimulation prior to effectiveness. Take the Drug 5-15 minutes before sexual intercourse. These are the only requirements after taking the dose. The effects of the medication last up to 48 hours but depending on the user. Therefore, this is a benefiting drug to individuals suffering from ED.

How Does Cialis Super Active Work?

The drug treats erectile dysfunction in tow simple ways.

Foremost, the major ingredient in the medication is Tadalafil which is an inhibitor ingredient PDE5 – this is an inhibitor enzyme which stops blood flowing consistently to the penis. Thus, when the enzyme is inhibited, blood flows consistently to the penis maintaining erection.

Secondly, Cialis Super Active increases nitric acid flow to ascertain consistent penile erection. As such, the corpus cavernos (located in the penis) increases blood flow to the penis, thus affirming lasting erection. However, the erection subsides after sexual activity.

What is the Best Time to Take Cialis Super Active?

This is a widespread inquiry amid the drugs users. According to US FDA, the recommended dosage foe adult male (above 18 years) is 20mg which is taken orally as gelatin capsules. Patients are required to take the capsule 5 – 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. The capsules effectiveness lasts for about 48 hours. Take the gelatin capsule and place beneath your tongue. The body, hereafter, performs the rest. Do not swallow the capsule since the effects might last more than 48 hours.

Take the drug with a glassful of water and adhere to the instructions provided by the prescription label. You can take healthy meals before and after taking the drug. It does not influence absorption of the drug in your system. Take the gelatin capsule once per day. Taking the medication without following prescriptions drug abuse and harmful to your health. Do not worry about missing dosage since it does not apply in this case; however, contact immediate emergency medical attention if you suspect overdose. There are plenty helpful emergency poisonous help lines.

What Drugs May Interact With Cialis Super Active?

Do not take the drug if adhering to subsequent medications:

  • If taking nitrate medication products such as dinitrate, nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate.
  • When taking drugs meant to cure high blood pressure complications.
  • If using HIV virus and AIDs prescribed drugs.
  • If using fungal prescribed drugs or for yeast infection (ketoconazole, voriconazole, fluconazole & itraconazole).
  • When using seizure drugs such as phenytoin, Phenobarbital and the common carbamazepine.
  • If taking specific prescribed fruit juice such as grape juice.
  • If taking prescribed prostate medication by your healthcare provider.
  • Antibiotics such as erythromycin and troleandomycin.

Note that this list does not encompass all medicines that that interact with Cialis Super Active. Talk to your doctor about all drugs including over-the-counter, diet supplements and natural herbs that react with Cialis Super Active. Additionally, inform the medical practitioner if using hard drugs, alcohol and if smoking.

What are The Side Effects of the Medication?

Following are upshots you may notice after taking Cialis Super Active:

  • Breathing problem, chest pain, irregular heartbeat (fast or slower), change in hearing, skin allergic reactions; swelling lips, mouth, tongue, throat and face.

Some side effects do not necessitate immediate medical attention; however, if bothersome, seek immediate medical attention. They include:

  • Back pain, headache, muscle aches, stuffy/runny nose, dizziness and indigestion problems.

Listed above are not all side effects of Cialis Super Active, as such; contact your doctor or FDA for further clarifications. Keep the drug between 15 and 30 degrees C and away from children reach.

Answering a Few Popular Questions Regarding Viagra

Viagra is the most prescribed medicine when it comes to curing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It helps to spur blood flow in the vessels of the penis so that one can achieve an erection when he is sexually stimulated. Slidenafil is the main ingredient that goes behind the making of this product.

How long does Viagra take to start its’ action?

The effects mostly vary from one person to another. But on an average, Viagra starts its work after 30 minutes of taking up the drug. There is a misconception that consuming Viagra alone would help in achieving erection. But it needs to be taken with some kind of sexual stimulator like visual or tactile to help in achieving an erection.

How long does the effect of Viagra last?

This again varies from one person to another. It tends to keep its action going for up to 5 hours at a time when used with a kind of sexual stimulator. The effects of the pill in real practice are seen to have lost their vigor after around 2 to 3 hours of the dose. There are many factors that work hand in hand to determine how long the action would last. Do not forget to discuss your medical history with your doctor before you start a course of this medicine.

Which factors affect in the lasting of Viagra in the body?

How long Viagra will last depends on a number of factors which are discussed as follows:

  • Age: Viagra’s effects stay for a longer duration if you are older. For example if a man who is aged in the 60s takes up Viagra, the effects would last for a considerably longer time than a person of 40 years would have. Younger men or men below a certain age would not enjoy the effects for as long as someone above 60 years would.
  • Diet: It is advisable to have this medicine on an empty stomach or after having a light meal. If you have consumed it after a heavy diet with more fat and carbohydrate content, then the pill would take a longer time to start its actions as more time would be devoted by your body to digest the food.
  • Alcohol: If you are someone who is prone to drinking, you will face more problems in achieving proper erection than others. Drinking slows up the flow of blood to the penis thereby making it difficult to get an erection. A bottle of beer or a few pegs of whiskey may not do as much harm but if you drink without keeping a count, it would surely take a toll on your body that would impact your sexual life as well.
  • Dosage: Tablets are available in different doses ranging from 25mg to 100mg. The higher the dose higher will be your chances of enjoying a pleasurable experience with your partner. But your doctor would be the perfect person to prescribe the correct dose for you based on your health conditions and medical history. It is very risky to start using a dose of this medicine according to your choice without consulting a doctor.
  • Health issues: People suffering from kidney and liver diseases or disorders have said that the effects of Viagra last longer than on a person who is not suffering from such diseases. This happens because the tablet takes a longer time to be broken by your body so be open to your doctor about your health issues.
  • Interactions with drugs: If you are on certain medicines while being on the course of Viagra, those medicines can alter the effects of Viagra. Medicines like antibiotic rifampin which is used to cure tuberculosis is one such medicine that can work against the effects of Viagra.

Can Viagra have any long lasting effects?

When Viagra is combined with some other medicine a condition called ‘priapism’ may occur. Priapism refers to a painful erection that lasts longer than 4 hours. This is a very serious medical condition which can cause long lasting damages to your penis. If you have a painful erection or if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours, it is advisable that you see the doctor immediately.

Can I speed up the effects of Viagra?

This is a question which is sure to have crossed your mind at least once while using Viagra. To get the best results, take the pills only during optimum conditions. To have the best results do not let fats and carbohydrates interfere with the breaking down procedure of the pill. Make sure you are in a good mental state and are relaxed before you take a dose of Viagra. If you are nervous then the effects may create troubles during your performance in bed. Do not expect Viagra to do everything for you- at least you have to be ready to have sex!

Things You Didn’t Know About Propecia

Want to prevent conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT)? Although a natural body function facet, use Propecia to speed up to conversion. The drug is used to treat hair loss in men who experience hair loss pattern on their scalp.

NB: this is males only drug, thus should not be used by women or children to grow hair. Propecia might be used for diverse functions other than those listed in this guide.

Import Facts about Propecia

Propecia tablets should not be handled by women or children because the Finasteride constituent in the drug is harmful to their skin once absorbed. Moreover, if the female is pregnant, the medication causes complications during pregnancy and at birth. However, the tablet is coated preventing the active ingredient reacting when handled or crushed. If crushed, wash the area before a woman accidentally comes into contact with the drug.

Are you allergic to finasteride? This is an active ingredient present in Propecia and you ought to inform your healthcare provider about that right away. Finasteride is encompassed in different drugs. Prolonging use of Propecia risks the development of prostate cancer. You ought to be evaluated by a doctor prior to commencing Propecia treatment, as such; the doctor determines if you qualify using the drug. Also, if you notice nipple discharge, breast lumps or painful breast and nipples, these are signs of male breast cancer. Seek emergency medical attention.

Before Taking Propecia

Report to a doctor if suffering from the following conditions:

  • Liver diseases such as abnormal enzymes.
  • If you have urinary complications – troubled bladder muscles and painful urination.
  • Prostate cancer and using treatment drugs to cure the condition.
  • If you have allergic reaction to Advodart.

As mentioned, using the drug longer than prescription duration leads to prostate cancer.

How to Take the Drug?

Prescription is pretty obvious. Follow your doctor’s guidelines. If not, stick to the instruction on the prescription label. Take the tablet with a glassful of water. Adhere to a routine dosage schedule and eat plenty healthy meals. Depending on doctor’s evaluation, you might need to use the drug over or less than 3 months. However, if you take the drug over 1 year without positive results, then further treatment cannot help.

After initiating the treatment, the healthcare provider will assess your progression often to determine if the drug is effective. Therefore, visit your doctor regularly. Moreover, keep the drug away from children and at room temperature (from moisture and heat).

Skipping Propecia Doses and Dealing with Overdose

Take skipped dose immediately and only if it does not coincide with the following days scheduled dose. Do not take extra Propecia medication to account for skipped dosage. Dealing with overdose is easy. Contact emergency medical attention via poisonous help line.

NB: after taking the medication, avoid getting up too fast if seated or sleeping. Perhaps you feel dizzy, get up slowly.

Side Effects of the Drug

Get emergency medical attention if you experience the following: breathing difficulty; swelling lips, face, throat or tongue; breast lumps, painful nipples and discharge, or any other abnormal breast changes. Less serious symptoms include:

  • Abnormal ejaculation, general body weakness and dizziness.
  • Feeling lightheadedness, headache, runny and stuffy nose.
  • Skin rush, poor sex mood, and problem attaining customary orgasm.
  • Swelling hands, feet and breast.
  • Cold sweats, confusion, chills, itchy skin and rapid weight gain.
  • Skin redness, skin rash, rapid weight gain, and hives.
  • Invertible breast, sore breast that does not heal, bloody/clear discharge from the nipple.
  • Stomach pain, dizziness, diarrhea, back pain, reduce amount of discharged semen and testicular pain.

Common sexual side effect of Propecia includes reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and prolonged ejaculation after sexual intercourse. Talk to a local healthcare provider if concerned about these minor symptoms. This side effects list is incomplete. For a comprehensive report on the same, seek further information from your doctor or FDA authorities.

Following this guide, now you can initiate Propecia treatment. It’s tough sticking to the medication, especially if prescribed for a long time frame. If concerned about the regimen, consult with your doctor and decide on preferred routine dosage schedule. For instance, if taking the medicine at 10:00 am, you can consult with a physician and after evaluation; the schedule is adjusted to your preferences say 9:00 pm.

Do not buy the drug from untrustworthy retailers. There are plenty online shops selling the medicine cheaply, besides offering free shipping. Are they legit traders? Be wary of scammers. You doctor can simply recommend the drug and prescription, thus it’s your obligation to find Propecia. If purchasing online rely on customer testimonials and product reviews to affirm the authority nature of the site. You can also query from friends, colleagues or family members about buying points.

Can Dapoxetine Can Help You Improve Your Health

Dapoxetine is a fast reacting drug, a Selective Serotonin-reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) that treats premature ejaculation (men). It’s licensed in the UK. When experimented in RCTs – Randomized Control Trials, statistically, there was a noteworthy increase in IELT – Intravaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time after using Dapoxetine.

Understanding Premature Ejaculation

Often referred to as ‘coming too quickly’ (in men), this is when males ejaculate sooner that is expected of them by their partner. This is common condition and often embarrassing. Thus, it is a common problem for majority men and their partners since it occurs habitually. According to a sex and satisfaction research study, in USA only, sexual dysfunctions affect about 20% of the countries male aged 18 – 60. Although considered a psychological problem, there are few cases that prove otherwise (biological reasons). There are two types of premature ejaculation: Primary Premature Ejaculation and Secondary Premature Ejaculation. The former encompasses individuals suffering from the condition and throughout their sexual life whilst in secondary, the condition occurs after previous sexual encounters and maximum satisfaction.

The Summary Factors

Effectiveness of the drug – statistically, there is a significant increase in IELT when using 30mg and 60 mg in comparison to similar products in the market such as placebo. There are significant reports of men (30-38%) attesting to improved sexual experience with Dapoxetine compared to placebo (13.7%).

Safety concerns – there were incidents of Orthostatic hypotension reports during RCTs. Do initiate the treatment at 60 mg dosage, but begin at low doses and according to your healthcare provider prescription. Otherwise, the outcomes are adverse effects.

Useful factors about the medication include:

  • Men ought to be evaluated and prescribed to appropriate doses in line with their premature ejaculation condition. Nonetheless, Dapoxetine drugs encompass product labeling with dosage description and information of the correlated side effects.
  • Take the drug 1 to 3 hours prior to sexual intercourse. Using the drug earlier or late than that influences your sexual experience.
  • In reference to product characteristics, Dapoxetine should not be used with patients suffering from phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors such as sildenafil.
  • According to product description, healthcare practitioners should analyze patients using the medication and determine whether continued use of the drug is appropriate. This is routine check carried out after every 4 weeks or after taking 6 doses during initial stages of the treatment.
  • Greater than 1 in 10 men suffer from common reactions after using the medication. As such, users accept the balanced potential of suffering from adverse side effects which is randomized. Common upshots include; nausea, headache and dizziness.

Dapoxetine Product Review

Dapoxetine also known as Priligy is a common product in the UK used to correct premature ejaculation dilemmas. Therefore, it’s a widespread treatment amid 18 – 60 year old individuals. However, in line to the products characteristics, it should be used by men with the subsequent criteria:

  • Suffering from IELT (intravaginal ejaculatory latency time) lasting less that 2 minutes.
  • Men suffering from recurrent ejaculation regardless of sexual stimulation or shortly after penetration and the circumstance are uncontrolled.
  • If suffering from personal distress as a result of failing to deal with premature ejaculation.
  • If within the last 6 months there are plenty records/accounts of premature ejaculation whilst attempting sexual intercourse.

Hence, if not diagnosed with premature ejaculation conditions, do not use Dapoxetine to either prolong or delay ejaculation during intercourse. The starting dose for over 18 individuals is 30 mg approximately 1 – 3 hours prior to sexual intercourse.

Dealing With Effects of Dapoxetine on Intravaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time

Can you define your baseline IELT? Is it 0.9 minutes (average baseline) or do you boast a significant 3.1 minutes which is average for 30 mg Dapoxetine dose and 3.6 minutes for 60mg Dapoxetine dose? You can compare these results with placebo patients reporting only 1.9 minutes.

Ejaculation and sexual satisfaction – % wise, this is a very good readily availed ejaculatory product in the market. Users control their sexual experience, according to reviews and testimonials.

Warning & Precautions Correlated with Use of the Drug

  • Broad-spectrum Recommendation – this product is recommended to men with premature ejaculation criteria listed in this guide. Therefore, safety use of the product has to be established beforehand.
  • Do not use the medication if suffering from a history of orthostatic hypotension.
  • Are you suicidal? Antidepressants ingredients often increase risks of suicidal thinking, especially in young adults.
  • Avoid if experiencing cardiovascular problems and using treatment drugs.
  • Do not use with recreational drugs such as ketamine and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD.
  • Do not take alcohol, drugs or smoke when adhering to Dapoxetine prescriptions. The drug increases neurocognitive effects of alcohol hence increasing neurocardiogenic leading to accidental injuries.

Use Dapoxetine to improve your sexual experience, but stick to your healthcare provider instructions. Anything other than that is considered drug abuse.

What is Viagra Professional?

Wondering what a Viagra pro is? This is a trendy modern-day version of Viagra, a chewable citrate tablet. Viagra pro is a recommended drug to patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Similarly to old version Viagra, patients take the drug once a day orally, 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. This is an improved version with relatively high absorption rate, thus a fast acting drug.

However, unlike the older Viagra, the drug requires less stimulation for perfect erection owing to encompassed penis nerve sensitivity compounds. NB: this drug is manufacture specifically for males with erectile dysfunction, as such; should not be used to create penis sensitivity. The drug is, also, not free of side effects.

Purchase the customary 100mg of Viagra Pro. This is the normal dosage retailed at majority online and local pharmacies, yet the former offer up to 15% discount when purchasing bulk orders. Additionally, users get free shipping and tutorials for relatively larger orders. When checking out (if buying online) the product is also sold by its side name sildernafil. This is the ingredient composition in the product.

As expected, this drug rejuvenates user’s sexual senses hence improving their psychological confidence. However, if a fanatic of high-fat content meals such as French fries and ship, the drug takes time to be effective. Therefore, take the drug at least 1 hour prior to sexual intercourse. If advised to take the drug routinely, when you miss dosage, it’s advisable to skip it and return to regular intake patterns rather than abusing the drug’s use.

Owing to the number of online pharmacies retailing the drug, it’s possible to purchase few tablets of the Viagra Professional cheaply. Moreover, you do not necessitate prescription to order the tablet online. Although it is available in local stores and nearby medical shops, there are plenty benefits of purchasing the drug online. Foremost, you can order at the comfort of your home and receive it within minutes. Online shops have widespread storage shops.

Standard Viagra Professional

The drug increases blood flow to the penis, thus treating erectile dysfunction within minutes of intake. The improved penile potency is further boosted by Sildenafil Citrate compound in the drug.

Things to Consider Before Taking Viagra Pro

What should you inform your health expert before taking the medicine? Suffering from the following conditions:

  • Kidney and liver diseases.
  • Stroke and heart related problems.
  • Visual problems, particularly if the problem is inherited. Example: Retinitis pigmentosa is a common inherited eye defect.
  • High/low blood pressure and reaction to sildenafil medicines.

Using the Viagra Pro Effectively

The medicine is easy to use – adhere to doctor’s prescription, period. Take the pill orally with a glass of water. If lacking doctor’s prescription, follow labeled descriptions. Take it 30 minutes – 1 hour before sexual intercourse. Never take the tablet more than once within 24 hours. If overdosed, seek emergency help or contact poisonous help line immediately.

Skipped dosage do not apply in this case since the drug is used for specific function, thus not a routine medication, as such; do not take double doses.

Does Viagra Professional React With Other Medicines?

Steer clear of the medicines if taking the following drugs:

  • Nitrate manufactured drugs such isosorbide, mononitrate, dinitrate and nitroglycerin among others.
  • Avoid cisapride, nitroprusside and methscopolamine nitrate.

Additional medications that interact with Viagra Pro:

  • Rifampin, cimetidine and erythromycin.
  • Drugs that treat or regulate high/low blood pressure.
  • Fungal related drugs or those manufactured for yeast infections. They include drugs like fluconazole and itraconazole.
  • Drugs that treat HIV infection or AIDS.

Although the list is informative, it does not highlight all possible interactions. Discuss with your health care provider about herbs, dietary supplements and non-prescription drugs that react with Viagra Pro. As well, inform them of your drinking, drug use and smoking habits. Some of these products react with the erectile dysfunction drug.

Things to Consider When using Viagra

Do you notice change in your vision, perhaps blurred vision? Contact emergency medical services or your doctor immediately. Does the reception last more than 4 hours; furthermore, is it painful? Such leads to serious problems and should be addressed straight away. Dizziness and nausea are additional irritating symptoms of the drugs. As well, chest pain, abdominal pain, and arm pain after taking the medicine are harmful.

Common side effects:

  • Poor hearing and eye sight.
  • Headache, diarrhea, indigestion and breathing problems.
  • Chest pain and unbalanced heartbeats.
  • Prolonged erection and stuffy nose.
  • Flushing and seizures.

Above are side effects you ought to report to your doctor; however, not all side effects require immediate medical help.

NB: Viagra Pro does not protect you or your partner from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV virus.

Keep Viagra Professional from children reach at room temperature (15 – 30 degrees). Discard erectile dysfunction medicine after expiration period.

Common Facts about Cipro

What is Cipro, precisely? It’s also known as ciprofloxacin, an antibiotic classified in the drug group fluoroquinolones. Therefore, this drug fights bacterial infection in the body. Although there are diverse forms of bacteria, this antibiotic treats majority of the infections. If exposed to anthrax, use ciprofloxacin to treat the condition. Note that, this guide does not list all medication purposes of Cipro.

What you need to know

There is plenty important information about Cipro. Foremost, do not use Cipro if prescribed to tizanidine. Also, inform your doctor if suffering from muscle disorders prior to taking the medication.

Tendon is a fiber linking bones to muscles in human bodies. Sometimes, Cipro causes swelling of the tendon, especially in the heel section. However, this condition is common amid individuals over 60 years, guys with steroid medication record and heart, liver and/or heart transplant.

Therefore, if experiencing impulsive pain, stiffness, swelling and/or tenderness when moving your joints contact healthcare provider instantly. Meanwhile, rest the joint whilst waiting to receive medical care.

Before Taking Cipro (ciprofloxacin)

Do not take Cipro if allergic to its ingredients such as ciprofloxacin, or if: using tizanidine medication and allergic to fluoroquinolones such as gemifloxacin, moxifloxacin, levofloxacin, ofloxacin and norfloxacin among others. Affirm safety use of the drug by informing a local pharmacist or your doctor if you have:

  • Liver and kidney diseases, particularly if on dialysis.
  • Inconsistent heart rhythm, especially when using medications to restore the condition to normalcy.
  • If suffering from hereditary Long QT syndrome.
  • Tendon problems, muscle disorder, joint problem (mainly in kids), and/or arthritis.
  • Trouble swallowing pills, epilepsy, seizures, brain tumor, nerve disorder or head injury.
  • Diabetes, low potassium level in blood leading to hypokalemia or when using blood thinner products.

According to FDA pregnancy category C, it’s still debatable if Cipro harms the unborn. Nonetheless, consult with your doctor if trying to get pregnant while using the drug. Also, Pregnancy and breastfeeding warnings publication enlightens moms to consult with healthcare experts before using ciprofloxacin products.

Taking the Medication

Take this medicine after every 12 hours. Adhere to provided information on product labeling. Taking larger or small doses than recommended is harmful to your health. Take the tablet with a glassful of water. Affirm that you take 8 glasses of water daily, however if using Cipro, take extra glasses of healthy fluids. You can take the drug with or without food and stick to routine schedule each day.

If taking calcium-fortified juice, milk or milk products such as yogurt, allow 20 – 30 minutes before swallowing the medicine. However, if part of your routine diet, then blend with regular meal. Otherwise, these products reduce effectiveness of the drug. If prescribed syrup, shake the oral suspension for about 10 seconds before taking the dose. Use dose-measuring device or seek for alternative from a local pharmacist. The syrup has medicine beads. Swallow the beads rather than chewing them.

Take Cipro for the full prescribed length of time even though the symptoms disappear before completing the dose. Skipping dosages risk development of bacterial infections resistant to this medication. Cipro does not treat widespread infections such as flu and common cold. If suffering from gonorrhea, get tested for sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis.

Do not share your prescription with anyone, especially underage children even though you notice similar symptoms. Keep Cipro in room temperature and throw away unused medicine liquids after 14 days.

Dangers of Skipped Doses & Overdose

Take skipped dose when you recollect and skip it if close to scheduled dose. Taking two doses to account for the skipped dose is harmful to your wellbeing. Seek emergency medical attention in case you overdose.

What should you avoid?

Are you taking other medicines besides Cipro? Once you take Cipro, avoid taking other medicines within 6 hours or earlier than that and 2 hours after the medication. Plenty drugs make Cipro less effective. Examples of these drugs are:

  • Antacids tablets that contain magnesium or aluminum ingredients (Mylanta, Maalox and Rolaids).
  • Ulcers medicines (Sucralfate).
  • Minerals or vitamin supplements that encompass iron, zinc or calcium elements.

Avoid taking caffeine. The medicinal effect of Cipro does influence the strength of caffeine. Additionally, avoid sunlight rays and/or tanning beds. Sunrays sources sunburns; therefore, use protective sunscreens and clothes whenever outdoor. If the burning becomes severe, call your doctor immediately. According to experts, antibiotic medicines causes diarrhea. This is a sign of new bacterial infection, especially if it’s bloody and watery. Stop taking Cipro and seek medical attention. Do not drive after taking the drug; it often impairs thinking, thus affecting your alertness. Common side effects of the drug include:

  • Vaginal itching, mild dizziness and headache.
  • Vomiting, mild diarrhea and stomach discomfort.

There are numerous side effects. Seek the information from a local healthcare expert or your doctor.

What is Viagra?

Looking for Viagra? But first, what is type of drug is it and what does it accomplish exactly? As a product of sildenafil, Viagra is muscle relaxant product that increases blood floor to specific areas of your body. The drug treats erectile dysfunction in men, a condition referred to as impotence. Another product of sildenafil that is equally effective, but treats pulmonary arterial hypertension and enhances exercise capacity in individuals is Revatio. According to physicians, do not mix intakes of these two products unless recommended by an expert.

Important Facts about Viagra

When you mix Viagra with certain medicines, often, there are dangerous side effects, as such; consult with a doctor when you are under medications, especially Revatio and/or riociguat.

Do not take Viagra with nitrate manufactured drugs. Usually, these products are used to treat heart complications and chest pain and they include dinitrate and nitroglycerin among others. Additionally, recreational drugs such as poppers are similarly unsafe, when mixed with Viagra.

In case of an emergency, consult a physician; therefore, when you experience prolonged painful erection (more than 4 hours), contact your doctor before the penis is damaged.

Factors to Consider Before Taking the Medicine

Some individuals are allergic to sildenafil. Do not take Viagra, as well, avoid the tablet is prescribed to pulmonary arterial hypertension drugs. Are using nitrate drugs for whichever reason? Steer clear of Viagra. Nitrate when combined with Viagra generic causes somber decrease in blood pressure. To affirm safe use of the drug, inform your doctor is suffering from the following conditions:

  • If you have heart rhythm problem and related conditions such as coronary artery ailment.
  • When in the past few days (1 – 6 months) you suffered stroke, heart attack and/or congestive heart failure.
  • Suffering from high/low blood pressure, kidney or liver diseases.
  • When suffering from multiple myeloma, sickle cell anemia or any blood cell disorder.
  • Stomach ulcers and bleeding disarray (hemophilia).
  • Eye defects, particularly hereditary conditions such retinitis pigmentosa.
  • Penis physical malformation or related disease such as Peyronie.
  • When advised to abstain from sexual intercourse by a general practitioner.

Viagra lessens blood flow to optic nerve, thus likely to cause vision loss. Although there have been reports of such occurrences, the minority victims fail to consults doctors when suffering from above mentioned conditions.

When planning to get pregnant, consult a doctor; however, the drug does not affect the unborn. Whether chemicals in the drug pass via breast milk to the child is still debatable. Nonetheless, do not give or take the Viagra if underage (under 18 years).

Want to Take Viagra?

How should you take the drug? If prescribed, adhere to the doctors regulations, however, you can follow the prescription labeled on the drug. Taking small or larger doses of the medicine is harmful to your health.

According to doctors and supporting research on the drug usage, Viagra should be used 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse; however, you can take it 4 hours before sexual encounters, but depending on your physic and body’s response to the medication. Do not take the drug more than once daily!

Therefore, during stimulation, perfect erection occurs. NB: erection does not occur by simply taking the drug. Always keep Viagra at room temperature and out of children’s reach.

Dealing with Skipped Dosage and Overdose

Since this drug is used before sexual intercourse, you are unlikely to miss a dose. When overdosed, call emergency help.

Things to Avoid When Taking Viagra

  • Mixing alcohol and this drug often leads to serious side effects.
  • Certain fruit (grape fruit and grape fruit juice) interacts with Viagra leading to unwanted side effects.
  • Steer clear of impotence related medicines such as alprostadil when using Viagra, unless advised by a doctor.

Side Effects of Viagra

Are you experiencing reactions to the drug? Common reactions include breathing difficulties, swelling lips, throat, face and tongue. Additional side effects include:

  • Spreading pain to your shoulder and jaw.
  • Excessive sweating and nausea.
  • Irregular heartbeat, chest pain and pressure – symptoms of heart attack.
  • Painful erection lasting more than 4 hours.
  • Swelling hands, feet and angles.
  • Breathing shortage and seizure (convulsion).

Additional common side effects:

  • Headache and stuffy nose.
  • Tingly feeling and stomach up-sets.
  • Muscle pain and blurred vision.

NB: there are plenty side effects of suing Viagra; therefore, the list is above incomplete, as such; seek further information from your doctor.

Do not take Viagra with equally effective drugs such Stendra, Levitra and Cialis, in fact, inform your doctor if previously, or presently using medications to address erectile dysfunction. Lastly, do not take Viagra if using HIV/AIDS medicines such as ritonavir, andinavir, saquinavir and atazanavir, antifungal medicine (ketoconazole) or drugs used to treat heart complications (high blood pressure).

What is Zithromax?

Looking for Zithromax? Also, azithromycin, this is an antibiotic used to fight bacteria attacks. Therefore, it is used to treat diverse forms of bacterial infection, particularly skin infections, STIs (Sexually transmitted diseases), ear infections and respiratory infections.

NB: it might be used for other functions not listed in this guide.

Crucial Information about the Drug

Ever suffered from liver problems and/or jaundice? As such, do not use Zithromax. The outcome is hazardous.

Things to Consider Before Taking the Medicine

Avoid using the drug if you are allergic to azithromycin or:

  • Suffering from liver diseases and jaundice problems.
  • Allergic to composition ingredients in similar effective drugs such as erythromycin, telithromycin, and clarithromycin.

To affirm safety intake of the medication, inform your healthcare provider if:

  • Have liver diseases, kidney problems and related conditions.
  • Experiencing heart rhythm disorders and myasthenia.
  • In the past 6 months you experienced Long QT syndrome.

Does the drug harm an unborn baby? Well, this is debatable as there is zero scientific backing; however, if pregnant, or planning to, consult with a medical practitioner and query about possible correlated risks. It is yet to be proved if Zithromax passes via breastfeeding to the baby. As well, if breastfeeding, prior to taking the medication, consult with a physician. Do not prescribe the medicine to children less than 6 years unless advised by proficient medical doctors.

How to Take Zithromax

Wondering about the best prescriptions? Foremost, a healthcare provider evaluates your case then prescribes the medication accordingly. Otherwise, adhere to the prescriptions labeled on the drugs packaging. Taking Zithromax is large or small amount is unsafe, thus harms your overall wellbeing. Depending on the infection patients are subjected too, Zithromax treatments depend of the severity of the infection; consequently, prescriptions are specific. Absorption of food does not influence the absorption rate of the drug.

Before taking the medication, shake the bottle well to even otherwise oral suspension in the bottle. This affirms content uniformity in the bottle. Use the provided measuring instruments. You might be given dosing syringe, although rare. Common measuring instrument is the dose-measuring spoon. If the packaging box lacks the instrument, purchase one from a local pharmacists shop. If the medicine prescription reads 2 weeks or 5 days, kindly adhere to the instruction. Skipping dosage does not help, but risks development of infections resistant to the drug or whichever antibiotic you opt for.

NB: do not use Zithromax to treat flu or common cold conditions. Store the drug at room temperature and out of children reach! After 10 days, discard unused Zithromax medication and empty bottle aptly.

Worried About Skipped Dosage & Overdose?

As soon as you recollect about skipped dose, take the medication immediately; nonetheless, if almost time for next dosage, avoid and do not take twice or over dose to account for the skipped. Contact emergency help such as the poisonous help line immediately overdosed.

Things to Avoid When Taking Zithromax

Lots of antacids contain aluminum and/or magnesium ingredients. Do not take these drugs 2 hours before and after taking Zithromax. Some of the antacids include: Di-Gel, Gaviscon, Alternagel, Acid Gone, Milk of Magnesia, Mylanta, Rulox, Alternagel, Rolaids, Maalox, and Maldroxal among others. When combined with Zithromax, these antacids reduce its effectiveness.

If taking antibiotics then you notice diarrhea, this is a clear indication of new infection. Moreover, if the diarrhea is watery and/or bloody, impede the Zithromax dosage and call a healthcare provider instantly. Unless advised by a physician, do use anti-diarrhea medicine.

Zithromax increases sensitivity to sunburns. Thus, when using the medication, avoid direct sunrays by masking your face and wearing fitting clothes. Use sunscreen products such as SPF 30 or higher whenever outside.

Side Effects of Zithromax

Similarly to other drugs, Zithromax too has side effects. Seek emergency help is you experience the following:

  • Severe stomach pain seconded by frequent bloody/watery diarrhea.
  • Chest pain, headaches, severe dizziness and faintheartedness, inconsistent heartbeats.
  • Kidney and liver problems – abdomen pain, loss of appetite, clay-colored stool and dark urine.
  • Sore throat, swelling lips, face and tongue, skin redness and painful skin surface, rapidly spreading skin rash, blistering and pealing.

If older than 50 years, faint heart and inconsistent heart rhythm are common and life threatening. Widespread side effects include:

  • Diarrhea, nausea, headache, stomach pain and vomiting.

Although informative, this list does not compile all side effects of Zithromax, but only common signs. You might seek further information from the FDA, local pharmacist or a healthcare provider.

Drugs that Influence the Performance of Zithromax

Inform you doctor about all medicines that you taking, whether natural herbs, weight loss supplements, over-the-counter medicine, if taking drugs, smoking or alcohol. Some of these drugs influence effectiveness of Zithromax. Buy the drug from reputable online and offline stores, particularly the former since you order at the comfort of your home and get the drug within hours.

What is Cialis? – Understand Cialis Now

Want to relax your body muscle hence enhancing blood floor to specific body parts? Increase blood floor with Cialis, a recommended supplement that treats impotence and enlarged prostate. Also, known as tadalafil, Cialis is of the Adcirca family which treats pulmonary arterial hypertension conditions. However, unless recommended by a physician, do not mix the products.

Understanding Cialis

There are plenty information about this drug you ought to apprehend. There are specific drugs that sources unwanted side effects when coalesced with Cialis. Therefore, inform your doctor about the current prescriptions you’re adhering to, principally if riociguat.

Are you taking medicines such as dinitrate or mononitrate? Such drugs are manufactured using nitrate and help relieve chest pain and heart complications. Mixing the nitrate related medicines with Cialis causes severe reduction of blood pressure. Additionally, recreation drugs such as poppers are equally dangerous; therefore, consult with physicians prior to taking such drugs.

NB: Prolonged erection is a dangerous condition known as Priapism. Usually its lasts for about 4 hours, in such cases, stop using Cialis and contact your doctor or seek immediate emergency help.

Precaution before Using the Medicine

Do not take Cialis if:

  • You are sensitive to tadalafil.
  • Suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension or related diseases and suing drugs such as riociguat.
  • Using nitrate related drugs, particularly for heart and chest pain problems.

To affirm your safety, when using Cialis, always inform your doctor if suffering from the following condition:

  • Heart complications or coronary related conditions, such as rhythm problems.
  • Had a heart attack recently, within the last 90 days.
  • Congestive heart failure or a history of frequent stroke attack, particularly in the last 6 months.
  • Low blood pressure, abdominal and chest pains.
  • Kidney failure and liver diseases. Are you on dialysis?
  • Blood cell disorders including leukemia, sickle cell anemia and multiple myeloma.
  • Ulcers (Stomach).
  • Eye defects such as retinitis pigmentosa – this condition is inherited.
  • When recommended abstaining from sexual intercourse – health concerns.

If used (tadalafil) and when suffering from eye defects, the medicine reduces blood flow the eyes optic nerves, thus unexpected vision loss. However, the severity, there are few reported cases, but might occur to individuals suffering from high cholesterol levels, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases, particularly to patients over 50 years.

When planning to get pregnant, or if pregnant, consult with a physician; nonetheless, Cialis is harmless to the unborn. Additionally, if breast-feeding consult. Regardless, the association of the product via breast milk to the kid has not been proved, yet.

Taking the Medicine

How should you take tadalafil? Regardless of labeled prescription directions on the product, take only once every day. Prolonging the use of the drug is harmful, as well; do not take smaller or larger quantities of Cialis. You don’t need to wait until supper or after lunch prior to taking the medicine. Swallow the whole table – do not split!

Therefore, if suffering from erectile dysfunction, take the tablet before sexual intercourse and not more than once! It helps attain perfect erection whenever stimulated and it occurs by simply taking the pill and adhering to prescriptions.

During intercourse, after taking the break, in case you feel numbness, dizzy or when your neck, jaw, arm and chest begin tingling, inform your physician immediately. Such minor side effects turn into severe health concerns.

Always store the medicine at room temperature and way from children s reach.

Dosing Information of Cialis

This product is for adults, 18 years and above. Therefore, do not take it if underage. Following is a dosage for Erectile Dysfunction:

  • Before sexual intercourse, orally, take 10mg only once; however, depending on individual’s tolerability and efficacy towards the drug.
  • Note: the drug sustains up to 36 hours of erectile functioning when used according to instructions.

Enlarged prostate (Prostatic Hyperplasia) dosage:

  • Use tadalafil daily. Take 5 mg orally at regular intervals.
  • Depending on your doctor’s prescription, you can the table for up to 26 weeks.

Adhering to the Prescription

Should you miss a dose, take the tablet immediately when you remember; nevertheless, if close to next schedule, skip the dose and avoid taking double dosage to account for missed dose.

Dealing with Overdose

Seek emergency or call your doctor immediately. There are specific poisonous help line contacts you ought to include in your contact list.

Side Effects of Cialis

Seek emergency help, when you experience the following allergic reactions:

  • Swelling tongue, lips and/or throat.
  • Breathing difficulty.
  • Painful erection lasting more than four hours.
  • Unexpected visual and hearing lose.
  • Feeling light-headed, breadth shortness and seizure attacks.
  • Headache and muscle pain.
  • Swelling feet, hands and ankles.
  • Sore throat.

The list is never ending. Plenty drugs interact with tadalafil, these includes over the counter medicines and herbal products. Since not all interactions are highlighted above, consult with a doctor for supplementary clarifications.