FAQ and Useful Info

We are often asked different questions concerning trading rules, quality of goods, etc. Here are the most common questions with the fullest answers provided. We hope this information will be useful for you.

General Questions

What is the range of medicines offered in your pharmacy?

There is a wide range of medicines which you can purchase in our pharmacy, including weight loss drugs, medicines to cure erectile dysfunction, painkillers, anxiolytics and many other medicines of different purposes. All the pills are divided into brand and generic. They are easy to tell apart, because all the brand medicines contain word “brand” in their names, which is the sign that the drug is original brand, but not generic. However, all the medicines at our site, both brands and generics, are of high quality.

What are the guarantees of your pharmacy selling high quality drugs only?

We appreciate our customers and expect long-term cooperation; that’s why we are not interested in selling drugs of poor quality, as it would make our clients go away and never come back to our site. In addition, high quality is important because, like any other seller, we would like to have great reputation and, as the result, more customers. For these reasons, we choose reliable suppliers exclusively; each of them provides us with accompanying documentation and reports on tests for every medicine supplied.

How long can your drugs be used safely?

It is the question of shelf life, which is, as a rule, 2 years since the date of production. However, it’s better to check the expiry date on the blister, as shelf life may be different for various medicines. Each blister contains the information about expiry date.

What is the procedure of order placing?

It is quite simple to place an order at our site. This procedure takes little time, and it’s comprehensive and safe for customers. What you need to do is choose the goods you would like to purchase and add them to the cart. Then you need to press “Checkout” button, which leads to the billing page. All the fields there should be filled in. Afterwards, you are to confirm your order.

Is prescription necessary or is it possible to do without it?

Our online pharmacy doesn’t require prescriptions. However, we strongly recommend you consult your doctor before making a decision to buy and take any drug. First of all, a physician will make sure whether you are allowed to take the medicine and there are no contraindications for you. Secondly, your healthcare provider can identify the best individual dosage to reach an expected effect without experiencing side effects.

What if I can’t find the dosage required?

Tablets are not always supplied in all the dosages possible, as we mainly sell the most common doses of pills. However, pills may be easily divided into pieces corresponding to the dose you need, or vice versa, you may take several pills if you need a bigger dosage than it is available in one pill.

For example, you may get 25 mg or 50 mg dose out of 100 mg pill; you may take two 50 mg pills if you need 100 mg dose.

Questions about Generics

Is there difference in quality between brand and generic drugs?

There is a wide range of generic drugs in our online pharmacy, and we claim them to be of the same quality as brand name medicines. Actually, a brand name drug and its generic version have the same mechanism of action, indications and contraindications, side effects and dosing. That is because generic medicines have the same active ingredients and equal inactive components, consequently, the pharmacological effect is the same.

It is wrong to think that generics work slower or less intensively. Absorption of active ingredients is the same for generics and brand name drugs, their effectiveness is equal and meets the requirements of FDA. Color, shape, name and price are the main things which differ brand drugs from generic versions. Brand medicine manufacturers can’t limit the usage of some certain chemical elements by others after its patent expires, thus, other companies can produce the same drug, but the name must be changed. Generics are often named after the active ingredient they have. For example, brand medicine Xenical may be replaced by generic analogues like Orlistat, Orlistar, etc.

Is there FDA approval for generics?

Generics offered in our online pharmacy are FDA approved, as we consider selling only FDA approved medicines to be a security measure for our customers to feel safe.

Are their generic versions for all the brand medicines?

No, nearly half of brand name medicines don’t have generic analogues. It’s connected with the fact that the newest drugs are protected by drug patent, and the right to produce it belongs to the company which has developed the drug. After patent expiration, other manufacturers may decide it to be not profitable or just useless to produce a generic version.

Why are prices for generics lower than for brand medicines?

Many customers hesitate whether the generic version of a brand drug is the same effective and reliable when looking at its low price. That is because some patients don’t consider additional expenses, which are to be taken into account when defining the price.

The original manufacturer must spend a lot of money on research and testing for the drug to get approved by FDA, and that’s why production of generics is prohibited until brand medicine patent expiry date. Moreover, original manufacturers pay great sums to promote and advertise their product all over the world. These costs are included in price as well.

When it’s possible to start with generic version production, other manufacturers ask for permission from Food and Drug Administration, but they shouldn’t spend lots of money on research and testing. Also, advertising and promotion are not paid so much attention to as in the case with brand name drugs.

As the result, cheaper equivalents of brand medicines appear on the market, creating competition and initiating fall of prices.

Questions Concerning Delivery

What kind of shipping do you have?

Our online pharmacy offers several kinds of delivery. When you order shipping by airmail, you will have to wait for 2-3 weeks, but some packages may be delivered in a shorter period of time. If your choice is EMS Courier Delivery, then you are to wait 3-8 business days. However, if there are delays on customs, your package may come a bit later than expected.

Also, delivery of your package to PO Box is possible.

You must be aware of the fact that, unfortunately, there are some circumstances able to delay your package delivery which do not depend on our delivery service.

What if my package isn’t delivered on time?

First of all, it is necessary to check the usual waiting period of delivery for the kind of shipping you have chosen and make sure whether it has already passed.

In addition, there may happen some delays on the customs which are out of our competence.

Anyway, don’t worry and be patient, as all our clients get their orders as soon as possible. If your package is absent for longer than it was promised, you are advised to contact our customer care team to get information on your package delivery and have your problem solved.

What if my package was damaged while transportation?

If you receive a damaged package that lacks some products or with some goods damaged, it’s necessary to contact our customer care team. We will do everything possible to satisfy our client, including sending a new package with the same goods for free. Another option is to get a refund.

Payment Issues

How can I pay?

Our billing page contains all the information about types and ways of payment possible on our website. If you hesitate about something, you are welcome to ask customer care team workers.

How much time is needed for credit card charging?

As soon as you have decided on your order and completed it with the help of the corresponding button, all the information needed for payment comes to our processing centre, where it is checked carefully. Afterwards, we charge the credit card and wait for it to be approved by the bank. Once this charge is confirmed by the bank and payment is made, your order obtains the status “Approved”. Completion of processing and approving procedures is immediately reported to you by e-mail, pointed out on the billing page.

Is there any risk to be cheated when I send my credit card data?

We appreciate that our customers trust our site and guarantee privacy and security, which we prove by successful work and satisfied clients. Our website uses Secure Sockets Layer for data protection on the billing page and employs contemporary security encryption technology for online ordering. Don’t hesitate as you credit card data, as well as your personal details, are protected in a proper way.

How should I act when there is no charge on credit card after ordering?

If no charge appears on your credit card, there may be two possible reasons: either you bank prohibits charges or the information mentioned in some billing page field is wrong.

If the problem is with the bank, then you are to solve it with its workers and check whether international payments may be performed with your card.

If everything is all right with the bank, then check the information on the billing page, including CVV code, address and expiry date. Then make your order one more time with all the data corrected.

Popular Questions about Some Drugs

What are various types of erectile dysfunction drugs different in?

The most popular erectile dysfunction drugs on our site are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Viagra Soft and Cialis Soft are also frequently ordered. All these drugs differ in time needed for achieving an expected effect (from 10 minutes to 1 hour). Ordinary drugs are taken with a glass of water, but Soft ones are to be put under the tongue. Moreover, Viagra Soft and Cialis Soft may be combined with alcohol, while it’s not recommended to drink alcohol with ordinary erectile dysfunction drugs. One more difference lies in the time of action, which may vary from 3 up to 36 hours.

How does 50 mg Viagra differ from 100 mg Viagra?

The only difference is the amount of the active component in one pill. Usually, it’s enough to take 50 mg Viagra containing the corresponding quantity of sildenafil to achieve the desired effect. However, taking into account individual characteristics, dosage may vary considerably: from 25 mg up to 100 mg.

What are Soft and Regular pills different in?

Soft pills are absorbed under the tongue, while Regular pills are digested in the stomach. Consequently, fatty foods and alcohol are not prohibited with Soft pills.

Also, Soft pills are believed to work in a shorter period of time.