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Tadapox is one of the newest medications among erectile dysfunction treatments. The drug consists of Dapoxetine and Tadalafil to improve your sexual experience and bring help not only with erectile function, but also with an ability to ejaculate at the opportune time.

Availability: 35 packsActive Ingredient: tadalafil dapoxetine

Analogs of Tadapox: Extra Super Cialis

Tadapox 80mg

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This is a new drug that will make you feel like a king in your own bed.  It helps men who have problems with premature ejaculation and impotency.  This means that every man who uses this will have a chance to experience great sexual pleasure.  It prolongs the erection during sexual intercourse.

This is available in oral form with a dosage of 80 mg per tablet.  This consists of Tadalafil and Dapoxetine

What’s in Tadapox?

The main ingredient of Tadapos is Dapoxetine.  This is the compound that was developed to particularly address premature ejaculation.  The other active ingredient is Tadalafil.  This increases the blood flow to the penis.  This action allows for a prolonged erection, helping to address erectile dysfunction.

How Does Tadapox Work?

The two main components of the drug work in harmony to achieve the main goal, which is to have a complete sexual experience without dealing with premature ejaculation or a limp penis.  Tadapox achieves this by:

  • Relaxation of the blood vessels, thereby increasing the blood flow delivered to the penis and promotes erection.
  • After the relaxation, it acts by preventing the outflow of the blood, resulting in a more sustained erection, even up to 24 hours.
  • It also takes effect on the nerve impulses responsible for sexual arousal.
  • It provides a prolonged orgasm

How Should I Take Tadapox?

It is important to take Tadapox within one hour before sex.  It is recommended to take a starting dose of half a tablet, and if the desired effect is not reached take the other half, completing the 80mg tablet.  It is suggested to take it 30 minutes prior to sexual activity with a full glass of water.

It is important to note that it is not recommended to exceed 1 tablet per day, which is the maximum dosage.

How Fast Is the Effect?

The desired effect can be achieved after 30 minutes to 1 hour after ingestion.  The effect of the medication usually lasts between 24 to 36 hours.

Things to Note Before Taking Tadapox?

Just like any other medication, it is important to know pre-existing conditions or drug interactions which may affect the behavior of the drug or may cause undesired effects.  Here are few things that are important to note:

  • If you are taking any nitrate drug for chest pain or any heart problems. These drugs may cause a sudden increase in blood pressure.
  • If you have experienced a heart attack within the past 90 days. It is important to note that the drug works by increasing and maintaining blood supply.  A heart condition may not be strong enough to handle this amount of influx.
  • Bleeding disorder
  • Stomach ulcer. There may be some irritation in the stomach lining and may cause aggravation of the condition.
  • Physical deformity of the penis such as Peyronie’s disease.
  • Pre-existing eye problem. The drug may increase blood flow to other parts of the body, but it acts by decreasing blood flow to the eye’s optic nerve and may lead to vision loss.

What If You Miss a Dose?

This drug is taken only when needed, particularly before any sexual activity, meaning there is no reason to worry about missing doses.  If overdose is suspected, ensure to seek immediate medical attention by going to the nearest hospital or calling the poison help line.

What Are the Side Effects of Tadapox?

There are very few cases where side effects were noted during use of the drug.  Among these are the following:

  • Headache or dizziness
  • Back pain
  • Change in the perception of color
  • Stomach pain or indigestion

Does Tadapox Treat the Underlying Causes of Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction?

This is a supplementary drug that will enhance and provide an immediate solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction; however, extensive medical consultation needs to be done to determine the underlying cause.  This is the best and only way to determine what kind of appropriate treatment needs to be provided.

What Is the Best Way to Buy Tadapox?

These medications are available in different pharmacy across the country and even in online pharmacies at a very low price.  Purchasing online, you are assured confidentiality of the purchase, efficient and on time delivery, and of course the high quality of the product being purchased.

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